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Email - Spam Email


Email is short for electronic mail, a protocol for exchanging and storing digital messages across the Internet. If you want to be able to send and receive an email, you need to have an email address.

Programs used to manage email, are known as "email clients." Among popular email clients are: Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail. Unlike Yahoo Mail and Gmail which are web-based email services, Microsoft Outlook is a desktop program. 

Spam Email

Spam email is every kind of unsolicited email. Spam email could be an unwanted commercial email, or an undesired  bulk email. Spam email most often contains advertisements for dubious products, such as "make big bucks" or "get rich fast" schemes. If you receive a suspicious email from an unidentified sender, don't open the email, simply delete it.

If you use a desktop "email client," install security software with an anti-spam filter, to protect your Inbox from spam email., a better way to buy ink & toner!

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