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Software - Hardware - Device


Software is the intangible aspect of a computer that is necessary for it to perform any function. 
Software is often divided into two categories:
Application software: It includes programs that do real work for users.
System software: It includes the operating system and every program that supports application software.

Hardware is the physical aspects of a computer. Examples of computer hardware include hard drives, memory chips, CPUs, etc.

Hardware includes not only the computer proper but also the power-supply units, connectors, cables, and peripheral devices such as mice, keyboards, printers and so on. 

As we can see from the written above, the software is in contrast with the hardware.

The device is a machine or component that attaches to a computer. Examples of devices are: display monitors, keyboards, printers, mice, microphones, and so on. 

Every device, whether peripheral or not, must have a device driver program. Device driver is a translator between the device and the program that uses the device., a better way to buy ink & toner!

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